22. Janury 2014:


New BMW Fxx and Exx Model are ready!


•BMW 1 series F20 / F21

•BMW 2 series F22 / F23 / F45

•BMW 3 series E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 / F30 / F31

•BMW 3 serie GT F34

•BMW 4 series F32 / F33

•BMW 4 serie GT F36

•BMW 5 series F10 / F11

•BMW 5 serie GT F07

•BMW 6 series F12 / F13

•BMW 6 serie GT F06

•BMW 7 series F01 / F02 / F03 / F04

•BMW X1 serie E84

•BMW X3 serie F25

•BMW X4 serie F26

•BMW X5 serie F15

•BMW X6 serie F16

Supported ECU’s:

•Bosch EDC 17C41-4.11

•Bosch EDC 17C41-4.17

•Bosch EDC 17C41-4.19

•Bosch EDC 17C41-4.57

•Bosch EDC 17C50-3.13

•Bosch EDC 17C50-3.17

•Bosch EDC 17C50-3.19

•Bosch EDC 17C50-3.51

•Bosch EDC 17C50-3.58

•Bosch EDC 17C50-4.59

•Bosch EDC 17C56-2.47

•Bosch EDC 17C56-2.49

•Bosch EDC 17CP45-2.31

•Bosch EDC 17CP45-2.32

•Bosch EDC 17CP45-2.39

•Bosch EDC 17CP45-2.41

•Bosch EDC 17CP45-2.42

•Bosch EDC 17CP45-2.45

•Bosch EDC 17CP45-2.48

•Bosch EDC 17CP45-2.52



11. December 2014:


At last! We have our new BETA FLASHER SOFTWARE ready for launch today! We have been working hard to reprogram our source code completely just for you!

We are very happy to announce our new software today, with lots of new functions, and some few new ecu types. The read and write will be much better and somewhat faster, and we will now start to develop new ecu types for our new fantastic system! Test it out, and stay tuned for other news!




New Beta Flasher Software containing various improvements

Software to read and write of the engine ECUs in vehicles

•running on 32Bit and 64Bit systems

•supporting Windows XP/Vista/7/8

•automatic updates at start of program

•faster license validation

•supporting multiple appliances simultaneously on one computer

•change of appliance while software is running

•professional ECU menu selection

•storage of the last 10 selected ECUs

•complete Log support for diagnosis

•complete Log support for USB

•free choice of FTDI driver

•closed beta channel possible

•read- and write operation can be interrupted manually

•various bug-fixes

Stability of communication improved and various bugs resolved in many ECUs:


New Tracer Software

to trace communication of diagnostic interfaces via K-Line/CAN/UDS

•Reverse Engineering Tool

•running on 32Bit and 64Bit systems

•logging of various protocols

•automatic protocol recognition

•Live tracking possible


.Net Framework

The .Net Framework 4 by Microsoft is required for the use of the new Flasher/Tracer Software.

(Additionally you need all available updates.)

Download .Net Framework 4 (English)

Download .Net Framework 4 (German)



To install the new software you need the new OptiCan Installer:

Download OptiCan Installer (Beta)



LINKS: in German in English in German in English



29. January 2013:


Update for the OptiCan!

Flasher Systems: Hybrid/Dual Pocket/OptiCan One/Dual1/Dual2:

Brand: Opel

Model: Vectra C

Engine: 3.2l (Z32SE)

ECU: ME 3.1.1 CAN

method: Write/Recovery


BDM Systems: OptiCan Dual1/Dual2:


AMG, Mc Laren


C 63 (W204), CL 63 (C216), CLK 63 (C209), CLK 63 Black Series (C209),

CLS 63 (C219), E 63 (W211), E 63 (W212), ML 63 (W164), R 63 (W251),

S 63 (W221), SL 63 (R230), SLS


6.2l V8 KW336/HP457

6.2l V8 KW386/HP525

6.2l V8 KW354/HP481

6.2l V8 KW373/HP507

6.2l V8 KW378/HP514

6.2l V8 KW386/HP525

6.2l V8 KW375/HP510

6.2l V8 KW386/HP525


ME 9.7 with 4MB memory







C 350 (W203), C 350 (W203), CLK 350 (W209), CLS 350 (W219)

CLS 350 (W219), E 500 (W211), ML 350 (W164), S 350 (W221)

S 500 (W221), S 550 (W221), SLK 350 (R171),

Sprinter (906) [224], [324], [424], [524]


3.5l KW200/HP272

5.5l V8 KW285/HP387

3.5l V6 KW200/HP272

3.5l V6 KW224/HP305

3.5l KW190/HP258


ME 9.7 with 4MB memory




11. January 2013


OptiCan Debugger:

Jeep EDC 17CP27


CPU: TriCore 1796 CPU



OptiCan BDM:

Opel Vectra B /Signum - GMPTUS GMPT-E16

2.2l 108kw/147PS

Motor Z22SE



31.December 2012


Latest generation ECU with anti-tuning protection are now possible!


Alfa Romeo / Fiat / Lancia from 2012

Protection T-PROT 11 !!

Various Bosch MED/EDC17xx

Plug In: Debugger = TriCore Bosch MEDC 17x Fiat T-Prot.11 PW Read


Audi / Seat / Skoda / Volkswagen in 2012

Protection T-PROT 11> 12 !!

Various Bosch MED/EDC17xx

Plug In: Debugger = TriCore Bosch MEDC 17x VAG T-Prot.11> 12 PW-Read


Register with the tuning portal tuning files with warranty


In the new tuning files portal can you purchase files as a master or slave.

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