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OBD Tuning GmbH was established in 1997 in Hamburg, Germany. OBD Tuning has specialized in chip tuning of cars through the diagnostic port. OBD Tuning is making high-end solutions, which are well known worldwide. OBD Tuning has TÜV approval.

OBD Tuning files has been tested by leading car magazines in Europe and USA, and has always come out on top in these testing.

Our production of files and other products is being done within the ISO 9002 standard.


OptiCan systems:

OptiCan Dual Flasher is the most comprehensive flasher tool in the world today.

With OptiCan Dual Flasher is it possible to flash new software into the ecu of the car over the diagnostic port. We are developing new software every week, and we are updating the system with new functions all the time.

Today is the system working on BDM, CAN V1.2, CAN V2.0, DUAL CAN V2.0, JATG IEE 1149.1, K-BUS, L-LINE, PWM, RS232, VPM.


Beside the flasher tool do we also supply optimized tuning software for a huge range of cars through our 24/7 open online database.

We provide also special designed software when needed.


Contact us for more information – you will be stunned by the feature we can offer with OptiCan Flasher.




OptiCan Dual Flasher is a professional flash tool for a tuner, workshop, dealership or a dedicated car lover that want to start tuning cars. Together with OptiCan Dual Flasher, have we developed a range of computer software to use with the flash tool:


Flasher software is for reading/writing software directly over the OBD2/EOBD port in the car.

Debugger software is for use directly on the ecu connectors.

BDM JTAG is the software to use directly on the ecu processor when no other

software is available.

Counter software is for resetting the flash counter in ecu’s.

TV Free is a software for setting free the TV/DVD functions in cars.


Our dealer login is our 24/7 open automatically database for tuning files. Just upload a stock file read with OptiCan, and get a tuning file back in matter of seconds.


FLASHBOOSTER® - Enjoy the Power!


We at OBD Tuning / OBD Performance, are happy to announce that we have a new flash product for the consumer market.

After a long development time, the first „easy to use“ flash product for the car owner is ready to be launched.


We have seen that many car owners has been searching for a flash product they can use themselves so they can control when the car is tuned or not.

With our new flash prodcut the owner can flash the tuned file or back to the stock file when they want to!


The FlashBooster® is the answer!

The FlashBooster® brings „PLUG AND PLAY“ to the chiptuning industry.



FlashBooster specialities:

•Easy to order ® we only need information about the car model and the VIN number

•FlashBooster is locked to the car and VIN number it has been ordered for

•No need for a computer

•FlashBooster is small enough to fit in your hand, and since it is „PLUG AND PLAY“, the car owner just has to insert the FlashBooster to the Diagnostic Port and turn on the ignition. The rest is done by the FlashBooster!

•The car owner can flash back to stock anytime

•The car owner does not need to visit a tuning company

•The tuning file that is on the FlashBooster is of the very best quality made in Germany with TÜV certification

•With the FlashBooster it does it not matter where the car owner lives ® just go online and order the FlashBooster and we will send it out within 48 Hours.

•The FlashBooster is available with several levels of tuning, for example OptiECO tuning (economy tuning for more miles per gallon), TÜV tuning and Motorsport Tuning (power tuning for an increase in Horsepower and Torque)

•There is no extra box (blackboxes) mounted in the car

•The car keeps all of its original security functions and the flash does not harm the car or ecu in any way

•The car owner keeps the FlashBooster and it can be stored in the glove compartment for ease of use

The FlashBooster® is one of the first flash products of its kind in the world.


Our extensive experience gained from many years of hardware and software development is incorporated into this new tool. Top quality and sustainability (TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001) are our foundation for maximum customer satisfaction and customer success.


The electronic equivalent of the latest legislation from 01 July 2006 (RoHS standard).


The FlashBooster is produced and developed in Germany and thus is one of the last true products "Made in Germany".


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